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inat Jul 31 2011 12:07 am All his performances capture his audiences and experience such an emotional ride...it's exhilarating...it's heartbreaking...it's exciting...this is a true artist! i can feel his genuine emotions he pours into acting. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 91/100 (5415 votes) Életrajz, adatok, képek, háttérképek, vélemények. Anh cũng thuộc Top sao nam cưới vợ sớm của showbiz. you are so amazing, you are so handsome oppa, ChaCha May 24 2014 6:30 pm linda Dec 29 2012 10:57 am He is the best Korean drama of all time.. Sachiko Nov 09 2015 9:47 pm Be a good dad, forever. Wow such male exsists on this Earth! Im busy patting myself on the back. good acting skills , great body, so tall , so masculine and sexy. I've seen all his movies and dramas. Dear sir , pavi Jul 19 2014 10:46 pm I like very much your tattoo on your right arm, "RACHEL". Born: … pleeeeease make comedy romance drama with lee si young You're good in comedy and she's perfect in comedy i think You'll look super on the screen together just think about it will you :). All the way City Hall! nikka Mar 08 2013 5:42 am Who said all the big action has to happen in the finale? PERFECT formula of a man !!!!. he's so handsome for a 40 year old man !! XoXoXoX, Jenni Dec 11 2011 7:52 pm He did, Bodyguard (2003) albeit Hyun Bin is a side character and really toung. So, keep it up Oppa! Can't wait to see more of him. Both the leads are immensely talented. im an avid fan of koreans,.and i really love watching korean tv series even movies.but the greatest love is one of the most beautiful tv series that i've watched.the lead characters here are very great.,esp cha seung won..he's so handsome & good looking even if he's age is in 40's already..he's so talented,had a great body & so fashionable.im looking forward to see you in person..if i had a chance to go in korea?keep up the good work cha seung won... naomi misaki Feb 25 2013 6:47 am to "omg, Dokko Jin! FIGHTING. Raine Jun 16 2014 5:55 am Its a big pleasure to watch you! :) his wife is truly lucky :))) fighting Cha sEung Won <3 saranghaeyo :)), andrea Apr 04 2013 9:23 pm hope to c u in Malaysia,love u so much.... :), mayaer Apr 23 2012 1:02 am Dee Vaal Sep 01 2015 3:10 pm you look so younger than your real age! Dear Mr Cha Seung Won..... oppa ive watched city hall n greatest love n i know u r a great actor n a comedian. Goodlooking w/ ur hot sixpack body! His next role, in Ghost House, reunited him with director Kim Sang-jin in a successful comedy about a man who buys a dream home, only to discover it is haunted by a young female ghost. Hope you will recover from the scandal soon , we all love your great and professinal acting.Fighting~. Christy Dec 06 2011 10:41 pm ::0), bore Mar 19 2016 3:41 pm Hello! i don't know how u make me admire u that much... maybe because of ur overflowing charisma.. i even planned to go to korea just to see u of course with my husband.. he knew that i like u very much as an actor but didn't tell him that my laptop is fully loaded of ur photos.. haha.. he might kill me.. lol i even watched all ur videos in youtube, everything about u,.. i'm going crazy.. haha [8][9][10], Cha starred in his first melodrama Over the Border (2006), about a North Korean defector. Award-winning huge super-star talent!!! im from iran, May i know your personal facebook account. Lots of fun to watch you. Damn he's a fine actor and extremely handsome. Cha Seung Won, first i saw u in the drama City Hall.. And it was superb and also saw u in the drama The Greatest Love.. Love your chemistry with Kim Sun Ah. Loved his performance in Greatest Love. Native name: 차승원. Best actor ever! Cha Seung Won sinh năm 1970, 18 tuổi đã vang danh nhờ vai trò người mẫu. You are such an excellent actor! Never satisfied with other acting in romantic and comical role after seeing you...... Love you in City Hall and G. neda Aug 16 2012 6:37 am I really like his eyes , his very sexy abs , his voice and the tattoos.. very artful.. His a very effective actor.. Wishing he'll get an award for being a best actor oneday.. I love dokko-jin!!! i'm your no 1 fans in indonesia, love u so much i can't wait u're next drama... anne artajo Apr 17 2012 12:29 am They can pass as siblings! kachy Sep 10 2014 4:50 am Didn't know I would laugh so much. And he can act like a god...hmmm. Il commence sa carrière en tant que mannequin dans les années 90. I'm one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines your drama series "The greatest love" is actually airing in our country (2013).. the drama series is really great I love it hope that you can visit our country just for an asian tour or just spending some vacation so I can see you personally my name is raquel umerez hope we could be friends hope that you can add me on facebook if you can read this message of mine .. GOD bless you always and please do take care of your health also ..:). I see he have done tons of different stuff...but I hope to see him in another drama series as a romantic lead (please)...also who cares about age when you keep looking better, sexier, and hotter :) I see you are dealing with a family matter and i hope it resolve soon, so you can get back to what you do best, you are an awesome entertainer, love you in all your roles...Fighting! Cha Seung-won was born in 1970s. the first time I saw him was in the Athena.. though his a bad guy there but there's something deep in his character that it made me like him much so as Jeong Woo-Seong. I want to watch also all your previous movies. [42][43], In 2015, Cha appeared in Three Meals a Day: Gochang Village, a cable reality show set on the remote Manjae Island for which he earned the nickname "Chajumma" (from the word ajumma) because of his versatile cooking skills despite the minimal amount of ingredients and implements. kim eun hye Feb 16 2013 4:25 am A talented actor with happy family. When will you entertain us again, Actor Cha? //, //

Profitability Analysis Template Excel, Beef Spleen For Dogs, Lovecraft Dnd 5e, Drum Drawing With Colour, Anak Krakatau Eruption 2020, Saturation 2 Vinyl, King Air 350i For Sale, Mcps Central Office, Nisha Bano Parents, Flora Lake Camping Vancouver Island,