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Welcome to the Castelmola Records Index. Below you will find indexed birth, marriage, and/or death records from the comune of Castelmola, Messina. Click on the hyperlinked year to access records from that year for Castelmola on FamilySearch or Antenati.

Castelmola Fast Facts

Castelmola is a comune in the Province of Messina. Sitting above the larger comune of Taormina, this little town offers spectacular views of the Ionian coast, the highly active volcano Etna, the Bay of Giardini-Naxos, the strait of Messina and in the distance the Calabrian coast.

The comune was originally called Mola until it was changed to Castelmola in 1862. (Be sure to look for Mola when searching records prior to 1862!) From 1928 to 1947 it was part of Taormina and later it became an autonomous municipality.

Castelmola Records Index

Nati (Birth) Records

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1874 – missing records



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There are many records for Castelmola available on the sites Antenati and FamilySearch. You can find links to some of the main repositories below:

Riveli di beni e anime, Mola (Messina), 1623-1816 (only accessible at a FamilySearch library)

Registri dello stato civile di Castelmola (Messina), 1820-1910 

Stato civile della restaurazione (Mola)

Stato civile italiano (Mola)

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