‘The Sulfaro Family: How five generations of Sicilians survived through epidemics, wars, and immigration’ is now  available for purchase on Amazon.

The story of the Sulfaro family starts in the coastal area of the Province of Messina, Sicily where multiple generations survived through famine, disease, natural disasters and political uprisings.

Through the descendants of Giuseppe Sulfaro (1838 – 1902) we explore the birth of global migration and learn what it was like to leave everything behind, board a ship to a foreign land, and start a new life in America.

Paolo Sulfaro (1882 – 1917) gives us a glimpse into what working conditions were like for a ‘bird of flight’ in the coal mines of West Virginia, before we trace his WW1 military service through to his untimely death in the Yugoslavian mountains.

A month later his son, Giuseppe Sulfaro (1917 – 1983) is born and history repeats itself in reverse when he is conscripted to serve in WW2. He survives, and we get to follow his journey through marriage, children, and immigration to Australia where his descendants continue to live today.

While the book will be of primary interest to my family, it might also be useful for others whose Italian ancestors emigrated to the United States or Australia. The book delves into historical events from the 1800s onwards and explains their impact on my ancestors as they navigated political uprisings, famines, world wars, and immigration. It also meticulously logs where records were discovered and describes how I was able to overcome certain research brick walls to find the truth about my family.

You can purchase the book by searching for ‘The Sulfaro Family’ on your local Amazon store or click on this link.